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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

PERFECT TRIWING triple flail mower width 8m60

TRIWING: Performance and efficiency!

The new TRIWING triple flail mower combines high capacity with high fuel efficiency. A completely newly developed suspension of all three mowers ensures smooth ground following and therefore a high driving speed. The direct drive of the side mowers through Walterscheid PTO's means a significant reduction of the energy loss in the drive line, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

Direct drive

The side mowers are driven via two very heavy Walterscheid drive shafts. The transmission between the PTO shaft and the drive shafts takes place by means of two automatically tensioned V-belt transmissions. The lack of one central gearbox considerably increases the reliability of the machine.

Unmatched groundpressure adjustment

The heavy duty side mowers are suspended in a special support frame, which means they optimally adapt to the ground contours.

The soil pressure relief system ensures that the capacity of the 3.20 m side mowers is optimally utilized. The front mower also has an unmatched ground following, thanks to the towed suspension, a pendulum piece and easily adjustable ground pressure relief.

Adjustable rear cover for less resistance

The rear cover of the flail mowers can be opened; voluminous crops such as maize straw and green manure can thus be processed faster and with less resistance (thus saving fuel).

Heavy duty flails and flailrotor

The TRIWING is equipped with 2.2 kg heavy duty flails for use under the toughest conditions.
Various other flail types are available for specific applications.

Various mounting options

The heavy duty center mower can be mounted in the front linkage or on the frame between the two side mowers.
A TRIWING is also available for tractors with reversing device ('pushed' version)

The TRIWING can also be supplied as a towed version.

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