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T. +31 (0)487 59 29 44

Flail mowers for us with Krone Big M 450

Set of flail mowers for Krone Big M 450

Also for the latest Krone Big M model Van Wamel B.V. developed, in close cooperation with Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH, another set of ultra-heavy flail mowers.

Complete integration

During the development of the Big M 450 by Krone, the possible future use with these Perfect flail mowers has already been taken into account. The mowers can therefore be added to the Big M 450 without any modifications. As a result, they benefit from all the possibilities Krone had in mind during the development of this latest Big M version, such as:

  • Automatic setting of rotor speed via the terminal in the cabin
  • Maximum capacity by means of sensors on the lower pulleys of the flail mowers which adjust the driving speed during slip
  • The side mowers can move up- and backwards to prevent damage to the mower heads
  • The mowers are pulled instead of pushed
  • Hydraulic ground pressure relief adjustable from the cabin
  • Additional overload protection by means of PTO shafts with overload clutch

Cutting width 9.2 m with generous overlap

By combining two reinforced side mowers with a working width of 3.2 m each and a specially developed front mower with a working width of 3.13 m, Van Wamel and Krone Maschinenfabrik GmbH succeeded in limiting the transport width to 3.3. As a result, it is no longer necessary to demount the front mower for transport.

Special Perfect flails and HD rotors

For use under the toughest conditions, the Trigant flail mower set is in standard provided with 2,2 kg (5 lbs) universal flails. These flails are especially suited for rough conditions such as chopping of set aside land, cornstalks etc. They are are fitted to the electronically balanced vibration-free flail rotor with heavy bolts and replaceable steel bushings and provide a clean and net cut.

Unique 2.7 kg Combi-flails, with interchangeable cutting blade for optimum pulvirrastion in both grass as well as heavier materials, are available as an option.


Findings from a practical test in Germany:
- Productivity (ha / hour) *; + 40%
- Fuel consumption (l / ha) *; -16%
- Costs (fuel + labor, € / ha) *; -23%
* compared with a triple flail mower

An additional advantage is a longer season and therefore more cost-efficient use of the Krone BIG M 450. In addition to the forage production, the BIG M can be used for another crop, for which a large areas have to be processed in a short time.

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