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Trigant flail mowers for Big M 450

For the latest Krone Big M model Van Wamel B.V. developed also, in close cooperation with Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH, another set of ultra-heavy flail mowers.

Fast and most cost-effective

The surface green manure crops is growing strongly under the influence the rapidly growing attention and approach to soil fertility.

Therefore Van Wamel B.V. developed for the latest Krone Big M model another set of ultra-heavy flail mowers. This with the aim of the fastest and most cost-effective processing of green manure crops, but also for for example, fallow land or corn stubbles.
The total working width of the TRIGANT flail mowers is no less than 9.2 meters, the transport width is limited to 3.30 meters.

Perfect Trigant Krone Big M 450

Complete integration

The drive and suspension are fully integrated with the BIG M 450 to ensure an extremely high capacity. The integrated suspension and ground pressure relief allow a very high driving speed. Conversion from the Krone to Trigant mowers takes about two hours.


Findings from a practical test in Germany:
- Productivity (ha / hour) *; + 40%
- Fuel consumption (l / ha) *; -16%
- Costs (fuel + labor, € / ha) *; -23%
* compared with a triple flail mower

An additional advantage is a longer season and therefore more cost-efficient use of the Krone BIG M 450. In addition to the forage production, the BIG M can be used for another crop, for which a large areas have to be processed in a short time.

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